Here is How to Explode Your Home Business and Sales With Email Marketing the Right Way

Email marketing is a low cost yet very highly effective way to build you home based business, it helps with-

• Gaining brand awareness and recognition for you opportunity, products and services.
• Driving sales through your marketing funnel
• Strengthening and building relationships with your readers for years to come
• Gaining the potential to gain repeat custom and life long promotion of any future products or services
• The ability to generate more visitors to your website or blog as a result of offering an enticing opt in offer
• The ability to implement your marketing campaigns much more quickly than other marketing vehicles

Aweber, one of the leading permission email marketing platforms, found that 80% of businesses see an increase in sales and relationships because of email marketing. Building your relationship with your leads and potential prospects through the use of email marketing is vital for you home based business.

Here are some great tips that will ensure your email gets opened, read and acted upon. You need to-

Define Your Audience and Your Niche

This applies to any marketing channel you choose to use not just email marketing. You must know your target audience before crafting your blog or email campaign.

Understand and Know the Needs, Wants, and Desires of Your Audience.

You must know the problems they face and need to have solved. When you know these factors; you will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Get Their Permission and Allow Them to Get to Know You

Having their permission to send them emails related to your particular audience is vital. Identify yourself in your emails and allow your reader to get to know you and your brand. Your reader will respond best towards your emails if you deliver instantly what you have offered.

Write an Attention Grabbing Headline

Increasing the open rates on your email marketing efforts are falling due to the people now receiving hundreds of emails a day so your email must work extra hard to stand.

Write An Enticing Subject Line

This MUST GRAB their attention and be enticing, and if you know your audience well you should have no problem in doing this. Anything you can think of that will attract attention.

Know What Your Biggest Benefit is and What You are Offering

Think of the single BIGGEST benefit your reader will receive from opening your message.

What are they going to expect from it? Filter this benefit down in to a clear subject line.


The subject line is important so it must escape the SPAM folder. Be stringent when choosing words to put in your headline. Just be diligent in your marketing efforts here. Think seriously “would I open this with a headline like that?”

Personalise Your Subject Headline

Add your customer’s first name to the subject line. It will lend a personal feel and will tell the SPAM filters that you know the person you are marketing to and is then much less likely to be flagged as SPAM.

Open Your Message with a Benefit Laden Headline

Once you have got your reader to open your email, you must now keep their attention to read on and go where you want them to. Start your email by thanking them for subscribing.

Get to the Point Straight Away

Give them a value of your product or service and say exactly what they will receive. Then direct them to what you promised to get them to subscribe in the first place. Deliver one message per email and keep the offer simple.


Email readers have short attention spans, if you do have lots to say save it for your blog and direct them to it or alternatively spread it over several emails, Quality not quantity.

Your Domain Name – 7 Tips to Give Your Website a Memorable, Searchable and Marketable Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be an overwhelming experience, with all the choices you have to make. You must make it unique, which may be a problem if your first few ideas are already taken. And you must make it easily remembered if you want your visitors to return. At the same time, you want your domain name descriptive of your site’s contents to help your visitors decide if they want to look further. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this process, here are some tips to help you get started.

• Start by making a written list of all the products or services you will be offering. Is your website going to sell one or more tangible products? Will it mostly be an informational website? And what age group or niche groups will your website benefit the most.

• Do a Google search on your product or topic to look at the domain names of websites already up on the web. This process will not only give you domain name ideas for your website, but will also show you some of the names already in use.

• Think about the keywords that potential visitors will use to find your website. Make sure your title is keyword searchable by including one or two keywords that describe what you are offering. If you were looking for your own products or information, what keywords would you enter into Google to find your website? Once you’ve made a list of these keywords, pick a couple of them to work into your domain name.

• Make sure you only use words that describe your business. Don’t use misleading terms or you may end up losing more business than you gain. And make sure your domain name is unique so it will stand out in the crowd and be easy to remember.

• Check to make sure your chosen name(s) are available for your use. The easiest way to do this is go to a website like or and enter your ideas in the search box. You will instantly determine if the name is already taken or available for your use. And if the name is already taken, these websites will give you more ideas based on your input.

• Select a name that ends Most business websites do, and this is one area where you want to follow the crowd. You will find suggested names that end in such words,.net, biz, info, etc. If you select one of these extensions, your visitors may not find their way back to your website after their first visit because they may not remember what that extension is.

• Once you’ve come up with a few possible domain names, try them out on your friends or potential visitors to see which one(s) they like the best. Chances are if your friends like the name, your customers will too. And you can type them into your browser, just to see if your fingers like them.

Larger Income at Home Review – Is This a Legitimate Home Based Business and Opportunity?

Larger Income At Home is more of a funded proposal than an actual home based business opportunity. This opportunity is a new and revised business formerly known as Income At Home. So what is this funded proposal and opportunity all about? Here is a simple review.

Larger Income At Home, also known as My Larger Income At Home is a funded proposal or lead generation system for the well known Herbalife multilevel marketing home based business opportunity. The business does come with a modest entry fee and the introduction to this long time opportunity. For the few that have found success with Income At Home will find that its high standard with the new and improved system solid as well with a few new extras.

Of course there are any multilevel marketing opportunities out there and in today’s economy multilevel and network marketing online and offline are very simple ways to create and supplement lost income. There are no guarantees however with finding success this will be determined through solid training and effort by the individual. Compensation structures with most multilevel marketing organization is first determined by retail sales of the difference of the price purchased and then the price sold. For the most part however, all bonus structures will be determined upon the business volume or group volume of each individuals organization. The size of the organization is determined by the effort put forth in recruiting others.

Larger Income At Home is a legitimate funded proposal that will introduce the individual to the long time Herbalife home based business opportunity. It is always a must to complete your due diligence into any opportunity before the outlay of money and time. For those of us who have found success online or offline it has come through solid training, hands on mentoring and of course the application of the work involved.